About Buster's Notes

I’m Buster Benson. I’m currently rebuilding 750words.com and recently wrote a book about the art of productive disagreement. Here’s some other basic info about who I am. I’m @buster on Twitter and have my DMs open. You can also email me if you’re old fashioned like that.

These are my notes. Basically a collection of links to a small subset of all the things I’ve written that seem worth keeping around, assorted into piles, occassionally reviewed and re-organized into a tower of beliefs, standing the test of time (for now, at least). My less filtered thoughts and rough notes are kept in this Dropbox Paper doc.

The current iteration of this website is a Jekyll static site using the minimialist sidey theme hosted on Netlify via this Github repo.

This site is the latest incarnation of a personal website that has been morphing into weird shapes since 1998. Here’s a version from 2019, here’s one from a bit before that. Find even older versions here, and here, and here, and here.